transaction pricing

When is Transaction Pricing Useful?

Envision IP provides price guidance to both buy and sell side parties in patent-based transactions.  Our transaction pricing assessment involves both context-based valuation, as well as aligning a valuation range based on the current state of the patent-transaction market.  Using current market factors, such as recent comparable transactions, and data from our network of brokers, we adjust a potential valuation to reflect a realistic sale price for both parties. Our price guidance provides parties with a starting point to begin negotiations and set the tone for the deal process, as well as a sensitivity range providing a ceiling (for a buyer) and a floor (for a seller) at which to anchor their negotiations.

Why Envision IP?

We have a unique perspective to the patent transaction market, as we routinely provide support services to parties wishing to sell or acquire patent assets. By understanding the motivations of both patent owners and patent buyers, we adjust a fundamental valuation of a patent portfolio to more accurately reflect a reasonable sale price given current market conditions.  We consider various factors, including comparable deal data, our own knowledge of the particular industry in which the patent assets reside, and existing licenses and encumbrances, in providing our patent transaction price guidance.

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