Patentability / Novelty Search

Determine whether or not to move forward with the patent process by identifying prior art that may be material to the novelty of your invention. Our patentability / novelty searches help assess the likelihood of obtaining a patent.

We Understand Novelty through Our Legal and Practical Experience

  • We do not inundate the results with background art, and only provide references which we feel are particularly relevant, based on the professional judgment of our former USPTO examiners and patent attorneys.
  • Our search report includes pinpoint citations from the identified prior art to save you time and direct you to the relevant disclosures.

We Utilize Traditional and Non-Traditional Sources

  • We have access to relevant non-patent literature sources, such as subscription-based journals, scientific publications, trade bulletins, and university repositories.
  • We have an in-house library of prior art collected over the years across many industries and technologies, including articles, news clippings, blog posts, as well as patents and scholarly publications.
  • We have multi-lingual search capabilities to search Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, and other foreign patent databases.

When Should You Conduct a Patentability Search?

  • In the early stages of the invention disclosure review process to determine which disclosures might be patent candidates; or
  • Prior to drafting a patent application specification; or
  • Prior to finalizing your patent application claim set.

What Do You Need to Provide for a Patentability Search?

  • A detailed description of your invention, including figures, images, photographs, source code (if applicable), and any other information you feel will help us understand the unique features of your invention; or
  • A draft patent application and/or a draft claim set; or
  • A corporate invention disclosure form.