Patent Portfolio Valuation

Determine the value of a patent portfolio for licensing, investment, sale, and M&A activities.

Expertise in Recognized Valuation Methodologies

  • We generate discounted cash flow models, comparable deal analysis, damage models, and cost-basis assessments, or a combination thereof to provide a reasonable valuation range.
  • In-depth market research to determine current licensing and royalty revenues for valuation purposes.
  • Variable valuation models with sensitivity analysis so you can understand the effects of adjustment factors.

When is a Patent Portfolio Valuation Useful?

  • To determine licensing terms or a sale price for an intangible asset transaction.
  • To understand the percentage of a company’s overall valuation tied to its patent portfolio.
  • To estimate a future performance of a company’s stock price and/or financials based on prior revenue generated by the company’s patent portfolio (via licensing, sales, and litigation).