patentability searching

What is a Patentability Search?

An investigation that helps to determine whether or not a patent can be obtained and if it makes sense to file a patent application.  A patentability search (also knows as a prior art search or novelty search) identifies prior art that may be material to the novelty of an invention, and can help to assess the likelihood of securing a reliable patent with adequate claim scope.

What Do I Need to Provide for an Patentability Search?
When Should You Conduct an Patentability Search?
Why Envision IP?

We do not inundate the results with background art, and only provide references which we feel are relevant, based on the professional judgment of our former USPTO examiners and patent attorney. Our search report includes pinpoint citations from the identified prior art to save you time and direct you to the relevant disclosures. In addition, we have multilingual search capabilities to search Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, and other foreign patent databases.

Mitigate your patent-related risk now.

Invalidate a patent threat. Understand your freedom-to-operate. Value a patent portfolio and assess its true claim scope.