freedom-to-operate searching

What is an Freedom-to-Operate Search?

Understand the risks of potential infringement prior to launching a new product or service into the marketplace. Also known as a Clearance Search, Freedom-to-Operate (FTO) searches are used to determine the risks of potential patent infringement prior to launching a new product or service. An FTO search identifies patents with claims that may cover a technology.

What Do I Need to Provide for a Freedom-to-Operate Search?
When Should You Conduct a Freedom-to-Operate Search?
Why Envision IP?

Our FTO searches include a clear presentation of relevant claim language that relates to patents which may be relevant to your product or service. Envision IP helps client identify risks of patent infringement and identifies potential workarounds. We utilize United States and foreign patent databases, as well as a network of legal professionals to provide global FTO coverage.

Mitigate your patent-related risk now.

Invalidate a patent threat. Understand your freedom-to-operate. Value a patent portfolio and assess its true claim scope.