At Envision IP, we understand the value and significance of intellectual property to our client’s business. As such, confidentiality and safe-keeping of our client’s proprietary information is our utmost concern. We have implemented procedures in line with law firms to store, handle, and transmit information and data in a secure manner. Through a combination of physical measures, technology, education, processes and best-practices, we have a powerful infrastructure enabled to protect each and every piece of data that is shared with us.

All of our research is conducted either in our secure offices. Founded by a patent attorney, we understand the importance of the chain of privilege. We do not outsource any work to third-parties or foreign searchers, so you can rest assured there will be no break in the chain of privilege if work is being sent to us from an attorney or agent.

The following are some of the security measures we have in place to ensure safekeeping of our client’s materials:

  • Conflict-checking when requested.
  • Secure login workstations at our office (as opposed to laptops which can be compromised).
  • Security-restricted access to our office spaces.
  • Redundant, secured remote back-up of our data in real-time.
  • Background screenings of all employees.

Trust, security, and confidence. This is why so many clients trust us with their most sensitive and proprietary information.