What goes into our Claim Scope Analysis?

Businesses need to understand what a patent portfolio actually protects. Claim Scope Analysis is invaluable in establishing that. Past prosecution, litigation, and post-grant review history of a patent may have resulted in narrowing of claim scope.  Thus, it is important to understand how patents have been previously challenged, and how claims may have been previously construed, not only in Federal Court, but also before the USPTO in any reexaminations and post-grant proceedings, and interference and derivation proceedings.

When is Claim Scope Analysis Useful?

A claim scope analysis can assist both patent owners and potential buyers/investors in understanding the true coverage of patented claims for a variety of commercialization, licensing, and enforcement contexts. Claim scope analysis can be conducted for a single patent, or a portfolio of patents.

For Patent Owners

Envision IP helps patent owners to understand the scope of their patents in various contexts:

For Patent Investors

Envision IP assists patent investors with understanding the scope of their patents to:

Mitigate your patent-related risk now.

Invalidate a patent threat. Understand your freedom-to-operate. Value a patent portfolio and assess its true claim scope.