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Box Prepares for its IPO With a Trove of Pending Patent Applications


On the heel’s of Box, Inc. S-1 release, Envision IP reviewed the patent portfolios of start-ups and established technology companies alike in the file-sharing space.

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Uber and Sidecar Patent Portfolios Lead the Ridesharing Industry


Envision IP analyzed the patent portfolios of various ride-sharing companies to understand the IP in this competitive industry.

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Facebook Acquisition of WhatsApp Lacks a Patent Portfolio


Envision IP analyzed WhatsApp’s patent portfolio to understand what IP, if any, Facebook would obtain as part of its acquisition of the mobile messaging company.

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Patent Settlement with HTC Is a Win For Nokia


Nokia announced today that it has settled all pending patent litigation with HTC and the two companies have entered into a patent and technology collaboration agreement.

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Google Will Acquire An Impressive Patent Portfolio From Nest Labs


Envision IP analyzed Nest Labs’ patent portfolio to understand how the company has protected its technology, and to determine what IP Google will be acquiring.

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