patents are presumed valid – 
until they are not.

we make it easy to determine patent quality.

Patents Matter,
Especially Those That Affect Your Business.

Envision IP is a boutique law firm specializing in patent research. We provide patent holders, law firms, and patent buyers and investors with in-depth patent validity, valuation and transaction support services.

Our principle: Targeted research, focused on the true scope and impact of patent claims is essential for making sound legal, business and investment decisions.

Envision IP’s clients include global 500 patent holders, national and regional law firms, and institutional investors and patent-focused fund managers. 

Patent Holders
Tailored solutions for corporations, start-ups, and universities.
Law Firms
We are a trusted partner to patent prosecution and litigation attorneys.
Awareness of patent portfolio strengths and weaknesses facilitate good decisions.
Envision IP’s Patent Services

Envision IP offers project, hourly and subscription-based options, which make incorporating expert patent research into business planning easy and economical.  Our clients tell us that our hands-on, manual analysis of claim elements, understanding of file wrapper histories and technical functionality enable us to provide them with exceptional results.

patent research
Former USPTO examiners provide
in-depth search and analysis.
patent valuation
Envision IP employs a range of 
quantitative methodologies.
transaction support
Serving buy and sell-side parties
in patent transactions.

Mitigate your patent-related risk now.

Invalidate a patent threat. Understand your freedom-to-operate. Value a patent portfolio and assess its true claim scope.