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  • In just a few short years since its founding in 2010, Nest has done an excellent job in obtaining patents, said patent research firm Envision IP.

    USA Today

  • They [Twitter] seem ... more focused on talent and product acquisitions, but I would not be surprised if they now ... try to actively acquire companies that have larger IP portfolios.


  • Samsung, LG, Sony, Tesla, Nokia, Apple, and even BlackBerry have hundreds of patents relating to cars of the future, according to patent analysts Envision IP.

    Fast Company

  • Outside the U.S., [Nokia] has over 20,000 patents (both issued and pending combined) with a majority of them being in Europe.


  • Microsoft has 78 U.S. patents related to head-mounted display and other wearable technologies...according to intellectual property firm Envision IP.

    The Wall Street Journal

Trusted patent research provider to leading law firms, corporations and financial institutions

  • Patent Research
  • Investment Research
  • Strategic Patent Advisory
  • Competitive Intelligence

Patent Research

Unparalleled service and expertise

  • Former USPTO examiners providing in-depth patentability, invalidity and clearance analysis
  • Access to worldwide patent databases and hundreds of technical and scientific journals

Team of former USPTO examiners with advanced degrees and industry experience

Patentability / Novelty Search

Determine whether or not to move forward with the patent process by identifying prior art that may be material to the novelty of your invention. Our patentability / novelty searches help assess the likelihood of obtaining a patent.

Accelerated Examination Search

Expediting your patent application? Let us assist with preparing the proper search documents to streamline your accelerated patent examination.

Freedom-to-Operate / Clearance Search

Understand the risks of potential patent infringement prior to launching a new product or service into the marketplace. Our Freedom-to-Operate / Clearance searches identify patents with claims that may cover your technology.

Validity / Invalidity Search

Defensively invalidate a patent that has been asserted against you, or offensively assess the validity of your patent prior to enforcement. Our invalidity searches identify published prior art that may be used to invalidate claims of a granted patent.

Inter Partes Review / Post-Grant Review

Leverage PGR and IPR proceedings under the America Invents Act (AIA). Our search services identify published prior art that may be used to invalidate claims of a granted patent.

Corporate Search Solutions

Tailored to your specific needs, we will work with your organization to develop a customized search process and strategy to streamline and consolidate the review of invention disclosures.

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Investment Research

Focused on patent fundamentals

  • Expertise in recognized valuation methodologies
  • Proprietary benchmarks to compare patent portfolios
  • Providing insight into a company's technological strengths

Patent portfolio valuation and analysis tailored for investment professionals

Patent Portfolio Valuation

Determine the value of a patent portfolio for licensing, investment, sale, and M&A activities.

Patent Portfolio Analysis

Understand the strengths and weaknesses of a patent portfolio, from claim coverage to technology gaps.

Industry, Sector & Multi-Company

Discover patenting trends across multiple companies to assess future product innovation.

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Strategic Patent Advisory

Committed to achieving client goals

  • Expertise in assessing patent strength and viability
  • Providing context for M & A pricing
  • Monetization modeling based on existing and future revenue channels

Trusted due diligence partner for buy and sell side patent transactions

Buy Side Patent Due Diligence

Make informed decisions on potential patent deals, optimize deal outcomes, and correctly allocate risk in the course of pursuing strategic M&A initiatives.

Sell Side Patent Due Diligence

Understand what your patent portfolio protects, as well as its potential value for an asset transfer, license, or joint-venture agreement.

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Competitive Intelligence

Expert patent-based industry perspectives

  • Tracking intellectual property assets internally and across your industry
  • Helping you be first-to-market with innovative offerings
  • Analyzing your competitor's IP activity

Providing unique insights into your IP landscape

Patent-to-Product Mapping

Understand your organization’s intellectual property assets and how they are currently being commercialized.

Whitespace Analysis

Determine technology growth and gap areas within your industry where further research and development can be done to gain a competitive edge.

Patent Landscaping

Understand how your IP compares to competitors, and to your industry as a whole.

Competitor Monitoring

The way your competitors acquire, protect, and promote their intellectual assets can inadvertently signal their next moves.

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Multi-faceted team including patent attorneys, economists and engineers

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